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The Christian Science Monitor
Haiti Earthquake Anniversary Highlights Faltering Aid Effort
Why ‘Baby Doc’ Jean-Claude Duvalier Returned to Haiti: 5 Theories
How Strong Are the Charges Against Haiti’s Jean-Claude Duvalier? Very, Say Experts
Haiti’s ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier Detained for Questioning in Dramatic Morning
Haiti Election Commission Under Scrutiny for Ties to President Rene Preval
Eight Months After Haiti Earthquake, A Nation Hangs On
Wyclef Jean’s Disqualification Signals Haiti Diaspora Not Welcome in Politics
Wyclef Jean Appealing Haiti Election Ruling, Says ‘Trickery’ Used
Wyclef Jean Keeps Supporters Hopeful in His Run for Haiti President
Haiti Election: Struggle Over Wyclef Jean’s Eligibility Could Spark Crisis
Wyclef Jean, President of Haiti: Do Haitians Like the Sound of That?
Six Months After the Haiti Earthquake, What Progress?
Still Homeless From Haiti Earthquake, Thousands Fight Forced Evictions

Agence France-Presse
Lawsuits Flood in Against Haiti’s Duvalier: Official
Haiti’s Political Crisis Deepens
Haiti to Probe Duvalier Excesses: Rights Group
For Returning Duvalier, No Refuge in Old Family Villa
Desperate Haitians Welcome Former Tyrant
Haiti Women Vulnerable with Rape on the Rise
The Battle to Combat Child Trafficking in Haiti
Voodoo Rite Draws Haitian Faithful Praying for Comfort
Haitian Farmers Reaping Hard Times As Hunger Grows
Reading Sessions Help Haiti Children Through Quake Trauma
First Meet for Haiti Quake Commission, 5 Months On
Brazilian Football Has Haitians Euphoric at Last
Haiti’s Disabled Find New Voice After Quake
Haitian Farmers Protest Monsanto Seed Donations

Activists Work to Stop Tax-Exempt Donations to Israeli Settlements (The Electronic Intifada)
The ICC Fends Off ‘Ferocious’ Attack, Prosecutor Says (PassBlue)
Money Sorely Lags To Meet Millennium Development Goals Deadline (PassBlue)
Haiti, Inferno Infinito (GQ Italy)
Haiti: One Year Later (Glamour)
Diving Heart First Into Haiti (The Global Post)
Child Inmates Crowded Into Haiti’s Dangerous Post-Quake Prisons (Truth Out)
In Sean’s Honor: Community Center, Mentoring Planned (The Southeast Queens Press)
Southeast Queens Responds to Violence (The Southeast Queens Press)
Queens for Change: One Year Later (The Southeast Queens Press)

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