The Middle East and North Africa

You can more stories on the Israel/Palestine conflict here, on the Syrian War here, and on the Islamic ‘State’ here.

Egypt just handed out the largest death sentence in its modern history
Egypt tries 683 Morsi supporters a day after condemning 529 to death
Egyptian journalist and three others killed as Cairo protests turn violent
International and Egyptian street artists join hands against Sisi
The street art of Egypt’s revolutions
Egypt jails Tahrir activist as Sisi visits woman sexually assaulted on inauguration night
Egypt’s Rabaa massacre of 1000 Morsi supporters went ‘according to plan’
Death of Turkish teen wounded by tear gas reignites protests
Protesters flood Turkey’s streets for teen bystander’s funeral
Turkey banned Twitter and now everyone there is on it
Thousands of Turks protest against ‘dubious’ election results
Afghan asylum seekers in Turkey are sewing their lips together in protest
North Korean tanker carrying oil flees Libya into international waters
Libya’s prime minister is embarrassed by rebels, then ousted by parliament
Libyan rebels reopen some ports in deal with government
The Libyan government just gave up, then changed its mind, maybe
Islamic State loyalists claim responsibility for bombings that killed dozens in Libya
Chaos in Libya provides fertile ground for Islamic State propaganda
Nine foreign workers kidnapped by Islamic State loyalists in Libya
Iraq could become worse for women than Saudi Arabia
Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, a retweet will get you jailed for ten years
Giving the World Cup to Qatar was a really stupid idea
The UK is facing a fresh Iraq war crimes probe
‘Welcome to hell’: African migrants held for ransom in Yemen’s torture camps
The 2022 World Cup might actually not be in Qatar after all
ISIS fighters and their friends are total social media pros
Total chaos in northern Iraq as Islamic State takes country’s largest dam
The US has reluctantly started bombing Iraq again
The US arms Kurdish troops as a political crisis brews in Baghdad
The US will recruit teachers and community leaders to fight the Islamic State right at home
As Europeans flock to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State, some Kurds make the same trip to go fight them
Lebanon’s well-armed cannabis farmers won’t let Islamist militants anywhere near their crops
Islamic State shows militants enforcing sharia law in Kirkuk province
Iran wants Israel to settle a multi-million dollar debt from more than 35 years ago
Thousands rally in memory of slain pilot as Jordan expands airstrikes against the Islamic State to Iraq
Video shows Islamic State smashing ancient artifacts in Mosul
Yemen’s civil conflict deepens further as fighting breaks out in Aden
Dozens killed as airstrikes hit refugee camp in Yemen
Iraqi forces claim partial victory in Saddam Hussein’s hometown
Yemen’s conflict is getting so bad that some Yemenis are fleeing to Somalia

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