Pakistan and Afghanistan

The US just can’t stop blowing billions in Afghanistan
Pre-election violence feared in Afghan market suicide attack
Kabul youth defy Taliban election threats and pledge to vote
Afghanistan’s Taliban are getting a little help from their Pakistani friends
Foreigners in Afghanistan on edge, once again, after another journalist is killed
Hope and fear as Afghan women head to the polls
Departing troops are leaving behind an explosive mess in Afghanistan
Afghan asylum seekers in Turkey are sewing their lips together in protest
It’s spring time in Afghanistan, time for Taliban fighting season
Afghanistan’s opium economy is doing better than ever
Afghan refugees and jihadis are reportedly fighting on both sides of Syria’s war
Republicans are not the only ones who are pissed off about the Bergdahl prisoner exchange
Front-runner in Afghanistan’s presidential election survives double blast that kills six
Five US troops reportedly killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan
The US might have lost a heap of weapons in Afghanistan
String of bombings shakes Afghanistan as security deteriorates
Videos emerge of suicide bombing of Kabul school during play about suicide bombings
One of the first victims of US torture is now missing in Afghanistan
Disgruntled ex-Taliban members now fighting and recruiting for the Islamic State in Afghanistan
Taliban commander reportedly killed by militants claiming to be the Islamic State in Afghanistan
Ghani goes to Washington: Stakes are high on Afghan president’s first US visit
Deadly blast hits Kabul as Afghan president addresses the ‘elephant in the room’ before US Congress
Deadly court attack rocks Pakistan after ceasefire
Giant art installation in Pakistan tells drone operators that people aren’t ‘bug splat’
Pakistan’s truce with the Taliban isn’t keeping other insurgents from blowing stuff up
Pakistan’s Taliban claim responsibility for Karachi airport attack
US resumes drone attacks on Pakistan, after six-month break
Pakistan responds to Peshawar violence by arming its teachers
Millions of Pakistanis have to give their fingerprints to keep using cell phones
Islamic State loyalists have reportedly kidnapped 30 Hazara Shias in Afghanistan
Afghanistan confirms new polio cases as Pakistan’s outbreak reaches grim milestone

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