Israel and Palestine

Activists Work to Stop Tax-Exempt Donations to Israeli Settlements
Palestine to seek FIFA sanctions against Israel, as Sepp Blatter visits the Middle East
Israel stops the first suspected suicide bombing in years, IDF says
Palestinians are paying the price in the search for missing settler teens
Search for missing teens leads to largest Israeli military escalation since the second intifada
Two Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers as tensions escalate
The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas lasted less than six hours
Israeli airstrikes kill four children on Gaza beach
Three more children killed in latest airstrike on Gaza
Israel has launched a ground invasion of Gaza
Footage shows Israeli forces storming al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem
It’s déjà -vu in Gaza all over again
Gazans ordered to evacuate ask: ‘Where are we supposed to go?’
SodaStream fired Palestinian workers over a Ramadan meal dispute
Two attacks hit Jerusalem in apparent retaliation for Gaza violence
Israel claims ‘mission accomplished’ and pulls troops from Gaza
Jewish group crowd funds $90K for ‘Third Temple’ on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount
‘Islamic State’ in Gaza retracts responsibility for dual explosions
Poll finds little support for Palestinian state among Israeli Jews
Jerusalem tensions escalate as Netanyahu pushes settlement expansion
Clashes follow shooting of radical right-rabbi in East Jerusalem
The Supreme Court is debating whether Jerusalem can be ‘in Israel’ on US passports
Amnesty says Israel’s attacks on civilians during Gaza offensive amounted to ‘war crimes’
Palestinian pop song calls on people to run over settlers with their cars
A decade after Arafat’s death Palestinians reflect on the leadership that followed him
Synagogue attacks mark new level of escalation as Jerusalem inches closer to breaking point
VIDEO: A City Divided — Jerusalem’s most contested neighborhood
Rubble and rage in Jerusalem — Israeli bulldozers and the broken homes they leave behind
Palestinian leaders are taking their quest for statehood global — consequences be damned
Rockets from Syria hit Golan Heights as Israel’s ‘quiet border’ grows restless
Two Israeli soldiers and Spanish peacekeeper killed as Israel and Hezbollah trade fire
Dancing in the rubble: breakdancers offer hope as Gaza struggles to rebuild

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