War and conflict

I  wrote a lot about the wars in Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, and about the Islamic ‘State’. But also on conflicts in Venezuela, Ukraine, Nigeria, and beyond.

Venezuela clashes show no sign of relenting
Venezuela’s newspapers are running out of paper
Venezuelan opposition makes demands of government
Venezuela’s tug-of-war class divide
Colectivos and guarimbas face off in Venezuela
Venezuelans skipped Carnival to protest
Why more people are murdered in Caracas than in Baghdad
Why more people are murdered in Caracas than in Baghdad
Actually, most Venezuelans don’t want to overthrow the government
Venezuela stifles dissent, accuses generals of plotting coup
Troops take back San Cristobal, birthplace of Venezuela’s protests

Ukraine conflict escalates as Crimea referendum looms
The day Crimeans woke up in Russia
Crimean Tatars hardly reassured by Putin’s promises of inclusion
Like it or not, Crimea got even more Russian today
The next president of Ukraine is going to have a lot of stuff to deal with
Things are heating up all over Ukraine again
The unrest in Ukraine is not slowing down anytime soon
More brawls erupt as Kiev’s deadline for occupiers passes
Ukrainian officials really don’t seem to have any authority in eastern Ukraine
Press conferences in eastern Ukraine are getting weirder and weirder
Unrest in eastern Ukraine escalates as separatists collect ‘bargaining chips’
Ukrainian troops confront eastern separatists as Russian troops mass along the border
Ukrainian mayor shot in the back and pro-Russia militias take yet another town
Ukraine’s disgraced president might have smuggled a boatload of cash to Russia
These people are still being held by armed separatists in Ukraine
Ukraine is now detaining journalists too
Yes, there are Chechen fighters in Ukraine, and nobody knows who sent them there

Rage grows amid rumors abducted Nigerian schoolgirls were married off
Boko Haram leader tells Nigeria ‘I abducted your girls’
No, Navy SEALs are not about to parachute in to rescue the kidnapped Nigerian girls
Boko Haram has released a video showing abducted school girls
Boko Haram’s new execution video imitates those of the Islamic State

Al Shabaab is confiscating camera-equipped ‘spy’ phones

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