The Islamic ‘State’

Syria’s foreign fighters are there to stay
The UK asks mom to stop their kids from running off to Syria
ISIS reportedly executed children as young as one in Syria
ISIS fighters and their friends are total social media pros
Now ISIS even has its very own whistleblower
Raqqa is being slaughtered silently, and these guys are risking their lives to document it
Total chaos in northern Iraq as Islamic State takes country’s largest dam
The US arms Kurdish troops as a political crisis brews in Baghdad
The US will recruit teachers and community leaders to fight the Islamic State right at home
As Europeans flock to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State, some Kurds make the same trip to go fight them
The US State Department tweeted photos of dead Islamic State fighters, then changed its mind
New Islamic State video shows hostage John Cantlie reporting from the ground in Kobane
Al Qaeda seems to want to be best friends with the Islamic State again
Not all Kurds are fighting against the Islamic State — some are joining it
Islamic State shows militants enforcing sharia law in Kirkuk province
Islamic State and al Qaeda supporters cheer ‘Charlie Hebdo’ attackers on social media
Disgruntled ex-Taliban members now fighting and recruiting for the Islamic State in Afghanistan
Islamic State loyalists claim responsibility for bombings that killed dozens in Libya
Video shows Islamic State smashing ancient artifacts in Mosul
Boko Haram’s new execution video imitates those of the Islamic State
Syrian activists decry US dropping grisly anti-Islamic State cartoon over Raqqa as ‘stupid’
Islamic State fighters storm besieged Palestinian refugee camp in Syria
Chaos in Libya provides fertile ground for Islamic State propaganda

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