Race, racism, and civil rights

OWS  Struggles To Make The 99% Look Like Everybody
In St. Louis, the torch of the civil rights struggle is passed to a new guard
Half of America thinks we live in a post-racial society — the other half, not so much
Tea partiers are now harassing high school kids on Cinco de Mayo
60 years after Brown vs Board of Ed, US schools are still pretty damn segregated
Google is even more white and male than you thought — and so is everyone who’s writing about it
Atheists and religious conservatives battle over the right to preach politics in church
The Voting Rights Act is not dead — but Texas is still battling it out in court
Bronx activists take local fight against ‘environmental racism’ to a global stage
Microsoft’s CEO is being called out for suggesting women shouldn’t ask for raises
US army reverses its decision to allow the use of the word ‘negro’
‘Moral Monday’ protests flare up across St. Louis on final day of Ferguson weekend of action
US army reverses its decision to allow the use of the word ‘negro’
VIDEO: Raw Coverage: The Eric Garner Protests in New York
VIDEO: Eric Garner Protests: Excerpts from VICE News Live Coverage
PHOTOS: ‘Hands up, don’t choke’: Non-indictment in Eric Garner case sparks rallies across New York
‘Week of Outrage’ over police killings begins in NYC as protests grow larger and louder
New ties raise old questions about the fate of Assata Shakur and other US fugitives in Cuba
Someone detonated a homemade bomb beside the NAACP office in Colorado Springs
‘Every generation must re-appropriate the lessons of the past’: Protesters reclaim MLK day in rallies across US
Clergy respond to cops using black men’s mugshots as targets with #usemeinstead campaign
FBI director talks ‘hard truths’ in bureau’s first-ever speech on race and policing
Three years since Trayvon Martin’s killing, Stand Your Ground laws are alive and well in America
Violence caused by far-right extremists has surpassed that caused by domestic jihadis, study says
‘Race Together’ critics tell Starbucks to put its money where its mouth is
Supreme Court to consider whether Texan can put Confederate flag on their license plates
Chicagoans are stopped and frisked by police even more than New Yorkers
Four veteran SFPD cops are under investigation for racist texts
Poor Alabamians sue private probation company profiting off their debt
Bosnians in St. Louis said teens who killed a man with hammers committed a hate crime
St. Louis Bosnians have been dragged to the forefront of the city’s racial tensions

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