Policing in America

Protests against police brutality plunge into chaos in New Mexico
NYC School cops are putting kids on the fast route to prison
So-called ‘suicide by cop’ cases highlight problematic police response to mental illness
The strange case of Darren Wilson’s mysterious disappearing duty belt
Ferguson officials aren’t telling you what happened to Mike Brown
Here’s a first look at the Ferguson police department’s internal code of conduct
Justice department launches civil rights investigation of Ferguson police
Advocates against police brutality rally across US for ‘October 22’ day of action
Missouri police ‘offended’ by NFL players who walked onto the field with hands up for Mike Brown
Ferguson protesters win temporary restraining order against police use of tear gas
Ferguson activists demand action, end to police militarization, after meeting with Obama
‘Week of Outrage’ over police killings begins in NYC as protests grow larger and louder
NYPD is now bypassing journalists to write news stories about itself
Inspector’s review says the NYPD still has a huge problem with banned chokeholds
Albuquerque cops who killed mentally ill homeless man charged with murder
Protesters Shut Down Boston Highway by Handcuffing Themselves to Cement-Filled Barrels
Havoc disrupts St. Louis hearing on civilian-led police oversight board
FBI director talks ‘hard truths’ in bureau’s first-ever speech on race and policing
Georgia police officer kills unarmed black man who was naked and ‘acting deranged’
Four veteran SFPD cops are under investigation for racist texts
Chicagoans are stopped and frisked by police even more than New Yorkers
Video shows Border Patrol agent firing Taser into car before it explodes, burning driver alive
VIDEO: Raw Coverage: The Eric Garner Protests in New York
VIDEO: Eric Garner Protests: Excerpts from VICE News Live Coverage
PHOTOS: ‘Hands up, don’t choke’: Non-indictment in Eric Garner case sparks rallies across New York

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